Company profile
Innova Innova is a technology based company that markets integrated interception systems for lawful activities and intelligence operations.
Our solutions are designed to be effective versatile, reliable and easy-to-use. Thanks to a deep expertise in telecommunication applied to security sector, Innova products support Public Prosecutor’s Offices  and Law Enforcement Agencies in any type of monitoring activity with advanced technology for:
  • fixed and mobile telephone interception
  • wired and wireless communication decoding
  • mobile targets tracking
  • high quality audio monitoring
  • data analysis and information management.


Research and development are Innova's main growth engines: our products are completely developed in Innova R&DLaboratories, where specialized research personnel is committed to identifying cutting edge technology and advanced solutions for the LI sector.


The innovative quality management system complies with the international reference for the design, development and support of technological devices provided.

Innova is certified: