Products and solutions

Intelligence operation is a remarkably complex and delicate process that needs the support of extremely innovative, versatile, reliable and easy-to-use instruments. Innova developed a complete range of innovative products, aiming at satisfying and supporting Law Enforcement Agencies in their daily activity.

Innova Ego Innova

Ego is an advanced intercepting system, which manages telephone, internet and audio targets on the same user-interface. It is an immediate and easy-to-use interception instrument which matches advanced solutions and innovative processes for capturing, managing and analysing any type of phone, wire and wireless communication. read all

Innova Intercettazioni telematiche e sonde

The development of IP network and the increasing use of internet-based services led Law Enforcement Agencies to new investigation needs and to the use of advanced products for IP communication interception. In order to satisfy these needs, Innova Research & Development Laboratories have developed a complete range of effective and reliable products and solutions for the interception of any kind of protocols and IP-based communication, such as web browsing, e-mail and web-mails, social networks, peer to peer communication, chat and videochat etc.. read all

Innova MicroIP

MicroIP is a new generation digital device based on IP technology that gathers extremely high performance quality together with advanced operative tools. Thanks to modern mobile telephone protocols and the development of specific digital format, MicroIP audio signals are up to 8 times better than GSM device standards. read all

Innova Gps Innova

GPSInnova is a professional device for geographic real time monitoring of moving targets. It is an integrated tracking system that includes numerous tools for: - real time targets monitoring - data display, research and analysis - data storage and display on any kind of devices. read all

Innova Strumenti d'attacco e RB800

Innova monitoring and recording systems offer a wide range of advanced solutions and tools, versatile and adaptable to every intelligence needs. read all